I’ve this creeping suspicion that things here are not as they seem…

Waldo Jaquith of nancies.org posted an article last week claiming that DMB is undermining RCA’s copy protection. This is hardly the case and nancies.org, which claims to be “the best stop for DMB since 1998″ is about 4 months late to this issue. The instructions that Waldo links to are the same that I’ve discussed before. These are not circumvention directions. The directions that Switchfoot posted (which have since been removed by Sony) are circumvention directions. DMB instead tells you how to burn and rip a CD, which causes a very noticeable loss in quality, the intended consequence of the DRM-stricken WMA files that are included with the Stand Up disc. DMB is giving the company line here, nothing more.

It would be nice to see the band grow a spine and recall the disc, replacing all copies with a standard audio disc, but it’s pretty clear that it won’t happen. I’m lucky to have bought the dual disc version, although the copy protection technology does not effect Macs. However I think we’re all going to have to remember now to hold down that shift key whenever inserting audio CDs into a computer.