My Butler suggestions ignored by Princeton

Last week Princeton released the plans to renovate Butler. Unfortunately, they aren’t going with my original suggestion of renovating the existing buildings by adding essential amenities, such as tunnels with skylights and enclosed bridges to connect all the buildings underground and an underground pool in the center of the courtyard. Instead they will level the place and make new dorms that match the other new dorms on campus.

It seems that they may still connect the buildings together, but from the current descriptions it is unclear at this point. I must say that I now officially feel gypped. I spent two years isolated in a single in Butler and I wouldn’t wish that on any incoming freshman (especially against their wishes like myself). Maybe I should withhold gifts to the university until I save up enough to cover the cost of room and board for two years. Although on second thought that may mean that I don’t get to drink beer at reunions, so maybe I’ll just rant about it on this blog which no one reads.

On that note I should mention that the new Butler will be a four-year residential college, an idea that I do not agree with. We all know that the 4-year residential college concept is designed to weaken the street, regardless of what the administration says. Someday I will explain why this is bad and how it will hurt the administration and the university in the long run.