Friday night I played a show at The Backstage Bar in Woodmere, NY with Adam Minkoff. I recorded this show so you can listen online. We opened for the band Last Week, some friends of ours. Adam and I have opened for Last Week before at the Backstage. Our website has more information on past shows and some mp3 clips. We usually do all Dave Matthews Band/Tim Reynolds music but for these shows at The Backstage we've been doing some other covers.

Some comments on the show: If you take a listen to some of the mp3s on our site you'll notice that Adam sings lead on the majority of the songs we do. It was a nice change to be able to open the show up with More Than Words, a song that I sang and didn't even play guitar on (Adam's idea). However that song was a bit difficult to sing and the whole experience was a somewhat nerve racking since I had a total of 30 minutes to learn the song. I also sang lead vocals No Such Thing. We threw that one in there because Adam claimed we needed more songs that I sing (which I still don't really understand). Although it was a good idea in the end since Adam ended up having a "bad voice day," whatever that means... We played The Mountains Win Again but neither of us had a slide, which Adam needed do all of the cool lead guitar parts. So instead it sounds a bit different, but still fun. Adam also thought of the idea to play Waterfalls by TLC. It was fun to play and people seemed to enjoy it.

We had a couple of technical problems during the show (as always). For More Than Words Adam played guitar and sang background and I sang lead. The song is played tuned down a half-step. We decided that Adam would play my guitar tuned down then I would then tune my guitar to normal tuning and join in with Adam in the middle of our second song. I guess both me and Adam did poor tuning jobs because the entire show was a bit out of tune. During Waterfalls I broke a guitar string (a G, which I have none of, as some people know all too well), and I borrowed an electric guitar from Ido in Last Week. I played the electric for Here Comes The Sun and Two Step and Adam played it for #41. Also the sound levels weren't all that great. Like most of our shows we didn't have anyone really doing sound for us. We had two people lined up to do sound for us but both of them bailed (but Brozik did come through and let us borrow his mics, thanks). Also there is an annoying hiss over the entire recording that we couldn't avoid. If you have an equalizer on your player turn down the 16k and 8k bands to zero and it should sound much better.

Our setlist for the night:

More Than Words by Extreme

Soul Shine by Gov't Mule

The Mountains Win Again by Blues Traveler

No Such Thing by John Mayer

Waterfalls by TLC

Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles

#41 by Dave Matthews Band

Two Step by Dave Matthews Band
Some people connecting from off campus have told me that they've had trouble listening to the Colonial show. I am now posting direct links to the mp3 files for all those who were having trouble. They're all 64 kbit mono files. Stereo would be useless since there was absolutely no panning done on the soundboard. Enjoy.

#41 (2.7 MB)

Yellow (1.9 MB)

In Your Eyes (2.1 MB)

I'll Be (1.8 MB)

Counting Blue Cars (2.1 MB)

Ain't No Sunshine (1.0 MB)

Stay (1.4 MB)

Two Points For Honesty (1.6M)