Help Wanted

The Colonial Bonnaroo '04 crew is taking applicants for Bonnaroo 2005 team.

The position has the following requirements:

Must be a self-starter

Must be willing to take risks

Must have good stamina

Must be willing to work long hours

Must be able to adapt to surroundings

Must be flexible

Must be sociable with other employees

Must be energetic

Must work well with others

Must have great oral communication abilities

Must work peacefully

Must be prepared for any situation

Must show leadership potential

Must be enthusiastic

Must be resilient

Must have good written communication skills

Must excel in group working environments

Must be willing to take initiative

Must be willing to get your feet wet

Must embrace bonnaroo corporate culture

Must see potential in bad situations

Qualified applicants should send a resume and coverletter to dsemaya at alumni dot princeton dot edu.

I'm back

After a long hiatus I am returning to the world of blogging. I've got a bunch of fun projects, gigs, web sites and other stuff coming up that I can comment on. So stay tuned . . .