I can’t recall myself how I went down…

So it seems that my prediction as to how Sony would react to Switchfoot’s public insubordination is partially correct as well as completely wrong. I was right in predicting that Sony would remove Switchfoot bassist Tim Foreman’s directions on circumventing the copy protection measures on their new album from Sony’s own discussion boards. However what I was not expecting was Sony to recall every copy of the cd.

At first look it seems that Sony is owning up to their mistake, but upon further reading it seems as if it may be just a ruse. This article states that, "according to Leigh Ann Hardie, VP of strategic initiatives and publicity for EMI CMG Label Group, ‘incorrect setting were used during the CD’s mastering process which inadvertently bars the consumer from making burns or digital copies – a result that was not intended.’” Sony is playing it all off as a mistake, which we all know not to be true since Sony-BMG is shipping the exact same technology on DMB’s Stand Up album.

New discs will be available in-store. I highly doubt that this will completely free of copy-protection. Let’s see what these new CDs are really like when they hit. My prediction, again skeptical, is that they will still include the same technology, but with WMV files that carry less restrictions (most notably, the ability to be burned to CD a limited number of times). It seems that my predictions jive with those in the Switchfoot forums on Sony’s site.

Hopefully this will be the last time that I quote christian rock lyrics on my blog.